Christmas Fever
Musical for the family in the Christmas

The musical uses many Christmas songs
like “Every Year again and “Jingle Bells“.
Moreover there are plenty of rock songs
using melodies like “Whiskey in the Jar“
and “Brown Girl inthe Ring“.

In heaven it was decided that
Christmas should be particularly
nice this year. The kids should
get the nicest presents ever.

Lucifer is spying at the entrance of
Heaven. Of course he intends the
exact opposite. Christmas shall be
a disaster. The kids should not
get any presents. All Christmas
presents shall be destroyed.

Only the witch Sybille can keep
off Lucifer from his plans?

There is a program guide with the
most important songs and the
related story.

The idea of the play and the
appropriate stage version have
been created by musical author
Dr. Rudolf Volz.

The play consists of two parts
lasting 45 minutes each.

Organization and implementation
Deutsche Mediengesellschaft

World premiere on December 10th,
2016 in Quedlinburg, Germany.