This rock opera, developed in 2006, is a
musical implementation of the tragedy Hamlet
by Shakespeare. The English version uses only
original texts by Shakespeare. The texts are
reduced to about 800 lines. The only stylistic
devices are deletion and repetition of texts.

The opera contains 24 rock and pop songs
telling the story of the young Prince Hamlet.
While enlightening the murder of his father
he gets into philosophizing.
The music is in the style of the 1980s.

There is a film adaptation in English from 2007.
This is the cover of the DVD.
On YouTube there's a version with English
subtitles and explanatory texts between the
songs. The film was shown in 2012 at the
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.
Samuel B. Prime remarks:
"… the musicality of Shakespeare’s words".

Music and Libretto by
Dr. Rudolf Volz

Additional Composing and Arrangements by
Michael Wagner, Herb Bucher, Falko Illing

World premiere on September 2nd, 2006 in
Schlieben with the title “Hamlet in Space”.
Since this title was already used by other
productions, there was a renaming in
“Hamlet in Rock” shortly thereafter.

The play extends over two halftimes of 65
minutes each.

5 male singers/actors
2 female singers/actresses
6 extras
4 musicians

William Shakespeare completed his play Hamlet
in 1601. Since then, it has become the most
popular play in the world.
There are quite a few operas and other material
on the topic Hamlet, but hardly any with the
original texts by Shakespeare. Although there are
many thematic adaptations to the world's most
famous monologue To Be Or Not To Be, no song
with original texts did exist before. This is our
rock version on YouTube.

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